Stanley Park - Downtown Toronto - Recreational Softball Pickup Games

Located on the south side of King St., 4 block west of Bathurst St. An easy trip by street car.

Get off at Niagara and walk west 1 very short block. For last minute game information or weather checks,

See:  or  e-mail:

 Mike - at Bat

Sundays 3-Pm Softball - $50 per year     Map to Stanley Park

Game time is 3-Pm during the spring & summer and 1-Pm in the fall.

Format of game

Co-ed,  3-pitch game. Each team pitches to their own players and strike outs are extremely rare (everybody hits).

Whoever shows up plays. All player skill levels are welcomed. No uniform required. Bring your glove, your buddy and/or make new friends at the game.

Choosing the teams

It is a simple system that works well. The gloves are placed in a pile then separated into to 2 groups. Follow your glove to your team.

The  glove pile closest to the home plate bats first.



Alix separates the gloves

The longest season & least expense league

We play ball from early April until late November (35 weeks).

For a maximum of $5.00 per day you can go swimming and play 12 to 14 innings of softball every Sunday including long weekends.

It can be even less expensive if you take the convenient full membership plan.

Cost is $50.00 for the year or $5.00 per visit.

If you paid the more practical $50.00 up front full membership package and attended all the available days - your cost would be 57 cents a day. 

However, just come when it is convenient for you.  A couple of visits a year is worth the $50.00 and this can be a real family event.

It is a FUN game, if you are a yeller or pick on people's game - don't come here - you won't get invited back.

If you do get hot under the collar we have an on-site public swimming pool to cool you down.



Lisa enjoys the pool


Free swimming

Bring the family. We are located beside an outside fenced off free city swimming pool so you can enjoy a swim before or after the game.

Another option is to have the non-ball players in the family go swimming while you play ball. The pool is open from June to Labour Day and

if you need to keep an eye on the family, you can see the swimmers through the fence from the ball diamond.




Suzanne beats the throw

Advantages to playing pickup ball

Pickup games are skill challenging and good exercise; yet casual stress-free social events.

It is an economical game without any league or team commitment required (new team each week).

This works well for shift workers. Come and play as your mood and schedule permit.

Whoever shows up on a given day gets to play and we make new teams each Sunday.

This is a great place to try out new playing positions, hone skills, get your timing back after a layoff or to learn the game for the very first time.

Some people use pickup games to fill in when between league games, for general practice or come to join in the social events and meet new friends.




Bruce & Brian toss a few

Social events before and after the game

After the game many of the players join up at the local tavern for drinks, snacks, some play euchre and more Sunday socializing.



Who should play

Regardless of your skill level the Sunday Stanley Park group can fit everyone.

This recreational softball game is played by all ages of good natured ladies & gentlemen with a sense of sportsmanship.

We balance the teams with strong and weak players to make it fun for everyone. No one is going to yell if you fumble a play. Just do the best you can and have fun.


Claudio scoops it up

It can be a full day or a short day depending on how much and which events you want to participate in.

We have the pre-game swim, 2 games of ball and the bar social! Come alone or bring friends; it will be fun either way with this easy going group.


History of the Stanley game

The Sunday ball game has continued for 40+ years and has called Stanley park its home for the past 30 yrs.

The cost is kept low by volunteer workers who come & go over the years.

Each take their turn at the holding the reins, then at some point in time the torch is passed onto a new person.

Many of the original players are still around.







David - swings for the fences    

David Creelman it the man that manages the day-to-day activities.



For more Stanley Park information contact a member below.


Executive Members - SPSA

Wayne Crowley

416  518-0542

Arny Sokoloff

416 398-9080

David Creelman

416 537-9621

General Inquiry













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